True Heroism is Not a Matter of Chance, it's a Matter of Choice

– Peter C. Lemon

There Is A Hero In All Of Us

– Peter C. Lemon

Beyond the Medal

Beyond the Medal Peter Lemon Book Front CoverMr. Lemon is the author of the inspirational book Beyond the Medal, which has been praised by many, including the oldest literary club in the United States.  The book was written in response to his children’s question about the recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Mr. Lemon donated his book to the 32,000 secondary schools in America.

In Beyond the Medal, the recipients tell in their own words about the people and incidents that have shaped their lives.  Although they have gone where we may not, you will discover these exemplary individuals are similar to you and me.  They are farmers, businessmen, politicians and sons from all walks of life.  This book will make you feel proud to be one of them – an American. | More info


Peter-CPeter C. Lemon is a surviving recipient of America’s highest award: ‘The Congressional Medal of Honor’. It was presented by the President of the United States in 1971.

Vastly outnumbered in a fierce enemy attack in Vietnam, Mr. Lemon assisted in saving the lives of his team. From the official citation, although wounded numerous times, he refused to be evacuated until the enemy had retreated and his injured comrades were airlifted to safety.

Mr. Lemon dedicates his award and pays tribute to all those who served in his unit, most importantly the three comrades they lost in the battle for which he received the award: Casey Waller, Nathan Mann and Brent Street. Mr. Lemon believes, “..if it wasn’t for them, my E Company RECON team and all those on FSB Illingworth, I certainly wouldn’t be alive today. For this I’m eternally grateful.”

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The Mentor

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 5 | 6 minute read The Singing Bridge Grocery Store and Café was located about six miles south of Alabaster and named after the Singing Bridge that spanned the east branch of the Au Gres River that flowed into Lake...

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Gasoline and Fish: A Stinky Combination

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 4 | 8 minute read. The mining town of Alabaster, Michigan, where I grew up, was located on the shores of Lake Huron.  To the south and north, starting at the outskirts of the village and continuing along the shoreline...

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Fire in the Hole

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 3 | 9 minute read. In Alabaster, our neighbor to the south had four children; the elder two boys were my friends. We dug holes to China.  If the boys argued, their dad would make them put on the boxing gloves to...

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