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Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon

peter-c-lemon-medal-of-honorAs the recipient of our nation’s highest award and successful businessman I invite you to join me as I write personal short stories you may find entertaining, encouraging and inspirational. These vignettes are about my journey in life, and stops along the way, that could eventually be published.  To get my short stories emailed directly to your inbox – consider subscribing using the subscribe area on this web page. Unsubscribe anytime.  Send me an email if you like. Please pass these stories on to your family, friends, military comrades and business associates; from teenagers to seniors.       – Pete Lemon

A Human Sundae?

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 7 | 8 minute read …it’s the fall of ’92.  I’m up. I stride towards the batter’s box. I kick my cleats in a couple of times to get planted for the first pitch.  Swinging the bat to loosen up, I zero in on the pitcher. ...

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The Buzzz!

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 6 | 8 minute read This isn’t just my story. It’s representative of the millions of other Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard recruits being inducted and trained to serve our country. …it’s early morning...

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The Mentor

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 5 | 6 minute read The Singing Bridge Grocery Store and Café was located about six miles south of Alabaster and named after the Singing Bridge that spanned the east branch of the Au Gres River that flowed into Lake...

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Fire in the Hole

Short Stories by Peter C. Lemon Personal Story No. 3 | 9 minute read. In Alabaster, our neighbor to the south had four children; the elder two boys were my friends. We dug holes to China.  If the boys argued, their dad would make them put on the boxing gloves to...

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